A tint on many surfaces

Sun control film is a versatile application and can be installed on many surfaces. Home window tinting Perth would visit you and review the surfaces you propose the applications to be carried out and suggest their views. If the surface is glazed and polished Sun control film may be able to be installed. This would act as a protective coat, against nature’s wrath or man’s ire.

These films are practical to use, different to other similar products, great designs can be created, they are flexible in application, they are resistant to natural elements, durable and easy to install. Home window tinting Perth has completed many applications in a variety of locations and the Sun control films have always come out trumps.

Your car is a home away from home, as some of you may be spending quite a lot of time in your cars travelling long distances during the course of your business activities. You would need your car to perform impeccably, be stylish and keep you just comfortable the way you like it. Arriving at your destination you would need to look as fresh as you can be, whilst spending the minimum amount on fuel.

Car window tinting Perthwith our technologically advanced Sun control film manufactured to international standards would do just that. Keep you comfortable and at an affordable cost. Car window tinting Perth has been leading from the front by providing the best services to the community of Perth with reliable and prompt service.

The polyester based Sun control film is self adhesive and easy to install. Car window tinting Perth has the required expertise to carry out installations to the utmost satisfaction of our customers. Digital printed or frosted film would bring an aesthetic value to which ever place you want it installed.

The digitally printed and frosted Sun control film would be ideal to be installed in offices. Whilst designed to convey messages it would protect the indoors from the harsh realities of the ambient temperature. Office window tinting Perth will put your ideas into eye catching designs and bring out what you want to convey in artful form.

Office window tinting Perth has always striven to have our customer’s interests at heart and work closely with them to coordinate some very spectacular designs on Sun control films installed at their premises. We take our work very seriously.    


Marketing and logistical support

Jim’s Group is the largest franchise holder in Australia with more than 3400 franchisees in every nook and corner of the country, and growing at about 200 franchisees annually. Our interests are in home services and we have built an enviable reputation for offering the best services in all the home service franchises we hold. We lead the way and others follow.

The success of Jim’s has rubbed positively on Jim’s Test & Tag, which holds their position in this competitive market place, where we conduct business. Our electrical tagging services have been exemplary and punctual and we have never compromised on safety. Our electrical testing and tagging is par excellence and has never drawn any complaints from our customers because we use the latest Portable Appliance Testers (APT), where the possibility of error is negligible.

Our success necessitates the addition of more franchisees to distribute the inquiries that we are unable to service. Only about 25% of our inquiries close successfully as we are unable to provide test and tag services on all the inquiries that are directed towards us, and towards this end we want you to join us. When you buy a test and tag franchise you will be joining hands with one of the most successful franchises in Australia.

Franchisees would need to qualify in conducting Testing and tagging with Australian Standards 3760 and 3012 test & tag certification. We would help you to acquire these skills if you lack in them. We are authorized to conduct training and offer certification for those who would join us.

Franchisees would have marketing and logistical support from Jim’s Test & Tag to conduct their operations smoothly. Franchisees would represent us and would cover our portfolio which includes electrical risk assessment, emergency lights testing, and lead tagging among others.

Test and Tag is a specialized and skilled undertaking and we will provide the latest equipment Portable Appliance Testers for error free testing tagging.

Jim’s Test & Tag has set a very high premium on how we conduct our business. Calls to our offices are answered by live operators and not by answering machines. We endeavour to answer every call within 20 seconds. Our response time for each caller after the first call is within two hours, and a visit by our franchisee within 24 hours.


Multi-billion dollar industry

Insurance is today a multi-billion dollar industry and goes hand in glove with practically anything that has value, from goods to services. Celebrities take out insurance covers running into thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars on every conceivable flimsy asset that they hold. This type of insurance has become more of a status symbol than anything else.

Every major industry has it’s own requirements when insurance cover is taken out to protect against liabilities or loss that they could face during the course of their business activities. The construction industry is one of them. With very high revenue and similarly high risk factor the construction sector is vulnerable to litigation at the drop of a hat.

Hence it is imperative that they are comprehensively covered to face and withstand any amount of pressure from litigation claiming compensation. The different types of insurance that are available to the construction industry could include the collapse of buildings and accidents happening in the premises. If such a calamity occurs the construction company should be able to stand up and bounce back to continue their business activities, and with insurance it is possible.

If you are covered with either Building construction insurance or Construction insurance bouncing back with a bang to claim your rightful place in the industry will not be difficult. If you are insured with Jim’s Insurance you would be assured of this because our commitment to help those in distress is unshakeable.

The construction industry could opt for either Commercial insurance or Business insurance which would give an additional guarantee against more unforeseen calamities, which could be financial or loss of goods for any reason.

Commercial building insurance would generally suit buildings that are reserved for commercial activities.  The spectrum for buildings to be classified as commercial is wide and the building should have those defined features. A commercial building would defer from a residential one due many reasons.

The Federal and State governments are very concerned when the public are affected and it is mandatory for some industries and businesses to take out Public liability insurance, even before they begin any business activities.

In the case of Business liability insurance it is more a need of the business than a requirement of the authorities.


One of the best known products

All fences installed in Australia must conform to Australian Safety Standards and generally be approved by the Australian Fence Industry Association. Having these accreditations adds a sense of confidence to the customer that they are buying a product with a reputation behind it, which they would strive to uphold.

Jim’s Group the largest franchise holder for home services in Australia, and now extending our operations to the USA, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom offers you the best service and workmanship that money can buy. The fencing division of the conglomerate started operations in1997, and has grown from strength to strength. Today we are a force to reckon with in the fencing business.

All our fencing contractors are trained regularly in the latest techniques, equipments and tools of the trade introduced from time to time. Our representatives would always carry authenticated identity cards issued by our company and accreditation certification from the Australian Fence Industry Association. As a customer you could request to peruse them when they are present at your premises, and be satisfied of their bona fides.

Jim’s fencing is today the leader in the fencing business with many projects undertaken for homes and commercial entities, which are testimonies to our commitment to quality workmanship. We use materials only from reputed manufacturers and offer their warranties to our customers. We are confident that all the materials we supply and install are of the highest quality, and our commitment towards upholding this will never be compromised.

One of the best known products that we offer our discerning customers is the home grown Australian success story, Colorbond. Beginning operations in 1966, colorbond has rolled out six million tons of products from their factories and is a world leader. Our collaboration with colorbond has been a mutual success story too.

With fourteen colours to choose from and a product with a ten year warranty, colorbond fencing stands out as a sentinel of success among all other fencing manufacturers, anywhere in the world.

We at Jim’s Fencing do stylish things with timber and can give you some great timber fencing that would be the envy of your neighbours and visitors alike. All our timber fencings are treated against termite attack.

We also undertake screen fencing, pool fencing and glass pool fencing.